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Weekend in Jusco

Weekend was pretty okay for me and my family. On Saturday, we brought baby Rosemary to Jusco for a short jalan-jalan and after just a short jalan-jalan, we decided to rest and have a snack in Vivo Pizza. (Carrying baby Rosemary for more than 15 minutes can be quite challenging, if you know what I mean ;) and if you are thinking of a baby pram, nope that didn’t work. She refused to be placed in the pram. You will get to see her worried expression at the sight of many ppl walking about and I guess she just feels better with mommy/daddy carrying her in our arms.

My hubby decided to carry her about while I enjoyed my garden salad. Oh yes, I am on diet. Not only I am on diet, I am also back to dancing class. How I wish to drop more kgs fast! Oh well, really I am not exaggerating if you think I am. See me now and you’ll cry. What to do, I have gained almost 28 kgs during my pregnancy. If you haven’t seen the me at that time, you can check out the picture I posted. Huge amount huh. I wonder if anyone beat me? Oh well, think I’ll drop the subject on weight issue as speaking of weight management makes me feel so determined.. not to eat anything!! Okay now that’s exaggerating and ya lah, I won’t do that since I have featured the right ways of losing weight in my previous article. :D Must practice what you preach mah!

Anyway, back to our Jusco trip, after our little Vivo outing, baby Rosemary begin to show signs of getting sleepy. As much as we would like to stay longer in Jusco, we had to bring her back to her comfy crib. Oh well, it didn’t take long for baby Rosemary to fall asleep by the time we reached home and boy, how she slept!.. for a good long 2 hours.

Oh well, I do hope the next week, we get to bring her to Jusco again and hopefully this time, she’ll stay awake!

And then we decided to bring her to Jusco again on Sunday. Yep, in Klang, the best shopping mall to go to is Jusco. :D This time we thought of buying her some toys since at her age now, it’s good to start developing her eye and hand coordination. And after surveying here and there, we decided to invest on this. Quite reasonably priced and its written on the packaging, suitable for infants 6 months onwards. But I don’t have the pictures right now. Will post them up as soon as I have downloaded them.

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