-Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind-
(Dr Seuss quotes -American Writer & Cartoonist, 1904 - 1991)

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Should I be banned from makeup

Call me crazy or what.. to my friends who knows me well, they know I love makeup stuffs. I think with the collections in my makeup safe deposit box, it is possible I can set up a makeup store selling 2nd hand make up merchandise! Sometimes I am thinking if I should be banned from any makeup!  That would be cruel.  Imagine this, you are banned from eating nasi lemak ever again.  No more KFC for you.  No more coffee.  Brutal isn't it, if you are a coffee lover.

Actually, make up is fun if you know how to explore the colors. I am not a makeup expert but given a chance, I would like to take up a course, learned up the skill and be one! I think makeup is one of the greatest invention ever. When you look good, you’ll feel good, and when you feel good, naturally, you’ll feel confident about yourself, boosting up your self-esteem. I mean, let’s be honest. How many of us are actually contented with the way we look. Some may complain about their eyes being so bald simply because they are born with short eye lashes. Some may complain about their imperfect skin tone, could be because of permanent scars or oily skin. So you see, we have to make the best of what we’ve got and I can’t think of anything else, besides expensive surgeries which is way too traumatizing. So I suppose, make up is the next best solution.  Exploring make up colors gives me a sense of creativity.  Hahaha.. see?  It brought out a hidden talent in me! Okay, the truth is, it simply makes me feel good after a successful makeup session.  Oh yes, just like a bad hair day, there's also a bad makeup day.

But I am one happy person right now since we are talking about my favourite topic - makeup stuffs because for my birthday this year, amazingly,  all my gifts consists of makeup stuffs!  Since I have quite a bit of makeup collections with me now, I am planning to offer some comments, basically to help you to keep your options open if you happen to plan to purchase the same ones as I have. How about that? A free service for the makeup lovers community. Of course, in return, I’ll be happy to hear from your comments too.

I would like to start off with some of the lip gloss and lip balms that I have in my collection…

I have always been a fan of Lip Ice especially on this particular one. I love the natural pink color that appears upon gliding it over my lips. In fact, there is a new edition now that comes with shimmer effects. Light shimmering though, so don’t expect it to glitter like some heavy gloss does. No heavy feeling at all on the lips. Love it, love it, love it!

At first I thought Maybelline Rose Red balm would give my lips a natural rosey red looking colour. However, it is a bit disappointing as upon application, the colour turn out to be very light. I thought it was a bit
deceiving judging from the packaging colour.  Moreover, it says Rose Red.  Oh well, I could still use this anyway for a quick touch up over any faded color lipstick on my lips. 

I love this Lip Balm from Bodyshop – Born Lippy-Strawberry Lip Balm. It smells and tastes like strawberry, very smooth application and moisturizing indeed. It gives a shiny finishing. Some may not like it for the oilyness but to me, it doesn’t feel heavy at all despite the glossy effect. I like the light shiny pink results too. If only the application method was easier as you can see from the packaging, I have to use my fingers to dig in. I use this a lot anyway when I am in the office, as it’s small and could easily fit into my pockets. Awesome stuffs.

Back to basics with Sebamed Lip Defense.  I love to use this on a day I wish to look completely natural. I love the extremely light feeling and yet knowing that it provides a long lasting layer of protection.Cool heh...ok gals, more stuffs coming up... just let me go back and dig on more on my collections.  Will be back with more stuffs!


One of the best gifts I received from my colleagues, a complete set of Elizabeth Arden’s makeup :)  Love this gloss as it brings out slight shimmering upon application.  How I wished it has a long lasting wear effect!  I love the mini packaging, easy to carry around. Hehe..

This is one of Elizabeth Arden’s best creation.  I have always wanted to have a clear glossy looking gloss but most of the ones that I have does not appear to be smooth.  If you are looking for a natural polished lips, trust me, you should go for this.  This gloss really goes well with its name: Crystal Clear Lip Gloss.

Conclusion: NO!! I shall not be banned from any make up! :)

Pictures enhanced with Photo Funia Frames.

I just compiled all my make up stuffs in the office...  can't believe it what I discovered.

This is just the amount in the office!  At home banyak lagi!  Some were given, some were bought.  I should seriously consider providing make up service -__-

No choice, gotta keep some nail polish at work, when emergency calls.  You know lah, on bad hair days, I'd be happy at least when my nails looked good >__-

This one, got excuse.  In air-cond environment, our skin can get dry and easily wrinkled.  I need these to consistently provide moisture to my skin :)  Different day, different fragrance.

This one also a must have.  For hygienic purpose.  After toilet....or after shaking hands with someone who didn't wash hands after toilet business.  Eeewwww..

Another must have.  After a hot day out during lunch time, surely got perspire wan.  Need to re-freshen up if not, pity my office mates >__<

taking a moment to layan (entertain) my own pic..even with all the make ups, it didnt improve my looks at all... >__<  blekkkk. Asked my brother to help me to enhance my pic a bit, this pulak the outcome! ishhh....

Positive Thinking

I have learned a very valuable lesson recently and you know the saying that goes when you close one door, another opens ? Let me tell you this. It’s so true. Truly, this is about my feelings. I have learned that as humans, we are very likely to make mistakes, be it at work, or at home. But mistakes makes us wiser, that is; if we are acceptive towards the criticism that comes along our way. More significantly if we tell ourselves, we want to change. And so to me, the saying reflects here. Because I want to change my ways and I am allowing transformation to take place. Hence, when you close one door, another opens. When I am allowing myself to amend my ways of thinking over a failure or a disappointment that took place, I am allowing an opportunity to present itself at my door. And that opportunity is freedom and peace. Freedom because I am liberated from my negative thinking over any disappointments because at the end of day, my thoughts creates my reality and so I want to be in control of my reality. And peace, because I have found it within myself now and I have made this peace within me by accepting things the way they are. Whether or not it favors me or not, it does not matter anymore because I have learned that by acceptance, it removes my subconscious resistance and hence, making way for me to change first, to be selfless.

I have learned that our workplace is like our 2nd home, where we spend most of our valuable times working to achieve both the company and our objectives, from targets to the least demands which includes handling colleagues of different characteristics, of course with each individual bearing his/her own uniqueness. I have also learned that as much as we want our work place to be as harmonious as possible, sometimes situations happens and when that happens, you have no choice but to live with it and pray that one day things will change to be a better place. In short, it’s all about acceptance. Accepting the way it is and replacing negative thoughts with positive feelings and constantly pray for healing to take place and blessings to come.

I have learned also not to stay in the presence of people and situations that are emotionally and psychologically toxic. After all, toxic is harmful and so is negativity. If my surroundings are filled with negative energy, just like a consistent "black cloud", it is only fair for me to detach myself from this sort of energy and create some distance where I can reclaim my personal space, because sadly, negative people have no boundaries and have no respect for other people’s boundaries. In fact, it drains me PEMS - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. But I hold no grudge, because I am accepting them just the way they are but with certain boundaries.

I have learned to laugh more and much more laughters to come into my life because it is worth it. Any and every situation can have its humorous side, provided we make way for laughters to fill in and only we, ourselves can make this change - even in the presence of negative people. Just a thought for the day.