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Just Rose - my new found love - latin dancing :)

As I have resumed latin class not too long ago, I am trying to make more effort now to improve my techniques as I have been absent from classes for too long! Sigh! Now that I am back for classes, I feel soooooo backdated from my lessons :( Used to pick up those steps easily but I realized I am so slow in picking up the routine steps!! I don’t know if this is because of the after effect of pregnancy! Maybe it's a sign that I should start taking Gingko supplements! Yikes!

Anyway, since I have an experience teacher who’s like been there done that type of dancer, I do hope to improve soon. Though I have no intentions to participate in any competitions as of now, but I do hope to have some sort of qualifications and perhaps when the time is right, I might even consider going for exams one day. Truth is, I am only a beginner but I have picked up some basic Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive and Mambo and I hope to be really good one day. hehehe...

Oh well, I do not have pictures to post on myself dancing.. LOL Hmmm…on 2nd thoughts, I might be able to find one or two of my those old dancing days pictures. Anyway, I would like to show you some clips of my 1st instructor and the current instructor. Really cool stuffs! Since I am unable to attend his class anymore, I have to switch to another class, to a different instructor now. I spotted his dancing clips in You Tube as well and eventually found out that he too is a very experience latin dancer. Enjoy the clips! :)

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