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A 2 Headed-Snake Person

Have you ever dealt with someone whom you suspect is a 2-headed-snake? Yes? .. No?.. I am pretty sure most of you already know the meaning of this term, but just in case lah, if anyone have doubts.. I'll try to explain in the simplest way.

A 2-headed-snake person basically means a person whom, in the eyes of the public, appears to be friendly and nice but behind any individuals, she/he back stabs you like nobody's business and event attempt to provide wrong information about you with an intention to jeopardize your reputation or to put you in a "hot soup". So in short, one head appears to be a nice head while the other head.. the bad & evil one. Comprehend?

I am pretty sure by now you'll be nodding your head in agreement that you too have dealt with a monstrous person like that. So, my point of writing this article is to give you one very classic example of a 2-headed-snake person's (let's call them the 2HS) behavior and hopefully we all get to learn from this very valuable lesson in life!

You see, at the time when I was still pregnant, I have attempted to tender (due to some reasons) but my ex-boss did not accept the resignation and told me to re-consider, to which I decided to retract my resignation. And so when I went up to this 2HS to inform her of my decision, (I had to in case if you are wondering why because she comes from a relevant dept), that was when she gave me this so-called valuable tip. This 2HS person told me that should I have intention to resign, I should tender just right before I deliver so that I get to enjoy my 2 months paid maternity leave + the company will still have to pay up my tabulated Annual Leave balance (because obviously by then, I won't be able to clear up my ALs) But since I have decided to stay on, I brushed off this so called golden tip and never thought of it after that.

Until..one fine day, my ex-boss started questioning me if I had the intention to resign after my delivery to which I immediately exclaimed No! I was good at my job and I got along fine with my ex colleagues and the reason that prompt me to resign earlier had already been resolved. So yeah, no reason to resign ! But he kept pressuring me to answer him truthfully. Had I been a nasty person, I would have asked him; "WTF is your problem man? How many times do you want me say No?" But you know me la and plus, for the sake of my baby in my womb, I decided to stay cool and remained patient.

Finally, he revealed that this 2HS is still keeping my resignation letter and apparently had he known that I gave her the letter in the first place, he would have accepted my resignation letter. Bull Shit!! That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life. How can you, being the MD of the company and knowing how kan-chiung this 2HS is in reporting everything and anything under the sky to you, can claim that you are not aware that I had submitted my letter? So full of bull shit! Anyway, the reason of this article is not to bombard him because that would have lead to a different story. This is about 2HS so I shall continue this story about 2HS.

After he revealed this information to me about 2HS was still keeping my resignation letter, I went straight to her and demanded back for my letter. She was not surprised at all with my request and in fact, she took the letter out from her drawer. Let me ask you this, had you have no intention to frame me, would you not have filed this letter in my personal file? Why left it in your drawer after so long?

I thought and analyzed hard why would she want to do this to me? If it's not her, then who would have spoken to my ex-boss about the letter? Why did he kept pressuring me day after day for the same old question with my same old answer. Detective Rose finally solved the mystery..

2HS was worried that should I tender right before my delivery, I might expose to my boss that she was the one who gave me this tip. (2HS had really underestimated my loyalty & my morality) So to cover her ass, she approached my ex-boss and pre-informed him that if I tender my resignation right before I deliver, the company will then use my resignation letter and calculate it as backdated (at the time that I tendered) and hence, I will have lesser ALs and who knows, I may not even be entitled to my 2 months paid maternity leave should my last day falls before my delivery! And I bet you 2HS feels great, probably pre-imagining that my ex-boss will give her a pat on her shoulders.. for a Good Job Done!

Oh well, enough is enough. This is really absurd. The entire situation has caused me so much of stress and pain. It was close to delivery and I have to admit, I had pretty low tolerance of stress at that point and was very vulnerable. And so, I tendered and the timing was such, it was just a week before I delivered. Do I have a choice? No. Because 2HS had poisoned my ex-boss mind too much that situation became unpleasant. But hey, it's all good. I've got a great boss now and I thank God for my present job. All's well that ends well.

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  1. Ah.. the 2HS person.I think plp like them should be abolish from earth!They can appear to be your best friend but bitch behind your back kau-kau.Stay far far away from them!