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Finding the right teether for your baby

Latest news on baby Rosemary!

Last week, I noticed that her 2 front bottom teeth is growing and is probably about at 0.3cm length! Oh, I think babies with only 2 front bottom teeth looks sooo cute, not to mention also when they are learning to walk with their diapers on!

So anyway, way before her 2 front bottom teeth was seen, I was looking for a teether to soothe her when she showed signs of teething. How can you tell if your baby is teething? Well, different babies have different signs or symptoms of teething. As for my daughter, I noticed that her teething gum was swollen and a little reddish. She even attempted to put anything that she grabs including my hair!! into her mouth to chew. So from there I could tell, OKAY! It’s time to get her a teether!

So I bought one. But after a few attempts of chewing the teether, it became quite obvious that she was struggling to chew the teether. Eventually she didn’t like the teether anymore and I thought maybe she just got tired of the shape. And so my husband said to me that he is going to get a new teether for her.

Now, check out this part, interesting. When he got back from the baby store, he was pretty excited with the new teether toy he bought. This baby store is the type of shop by itself (shophouses type) that specializes on baby products and not over Jusco/Giant/Tesco/etc.. counters. My husband and I prefer to purchase baby things from this shop, simply because we always receive better consultations and recommendations.

So anyway, he purchased one and apparently this is a special teether. This teether is made especially for infants who are teething on the front top and bottom teeth. That’s right, it’s like a Stage 1 teether. Which means as time passes by, this 1st Stage teether will not be useful anymore when she starts to have more tooth growing and you will have to go source for the next stage teether be it 2nd or 3rd to suit your baby’s teething at that age. So anyway, this Stage 1 teether is from the famous brand called Avent and it costs RM 35.00. Best part is this teether can be sterilized.

You should have seen her expression the moment she got hold of this new teether. She loves it!! She gets a good grip and it fits perfectly!

Of course now that I am sharing with you this information, you can easily purchase this teether over counters in Jusco/Tesco/Giant.. :)

So dear mothers, I am very happy to discover this and as usual, I would like to share it with you so that you will have a choice to get the right teether for your baby. I know of some mothers who have a whole container of teethers collection! My nephew had 20 teethers! I hope you will find this informative and please feel free to drop a comment if you have something to share. Cheers!

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