-Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind-
(Dr Seuss quotes -American Writer & Cartoonist, 1904 - 1991)

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Baby Rosemary talking... ?

As a working mom, I hardly get to spend much time with my baby girl. Normally when I pick her after work, she’ll be sleeping by the time we reached home. So it’s only the weekends that I get to spend time with her and how I treasure these weekends. :)

And so we have been trying to capture as much pictures and clips whenever possible on her development during the weekends, you know things like when she starts to sit, crawl, talk.. etc…etc.. To do that, sometimes my husband and I will have to capture these moments in a “hush hush” way. Because the moment little Rosemary sees us with a camera, it is as if she knows what’s a camera for. And so, she’ll stop whatever she was doing and looks straight at the camera. If she smiles then we are lucky. And guess what...oh yes, we were lucky last weekend! We managed to capture a mother and daughter conversation. Check it out..

Just Rose


Know your liver 2

If you have read my blog earlier on Know your liver, this is a continuation on how you can take care of your liver :)

Now that you know, take care always and share this around! Cheers!

Just Rose - my new found love - latin dancing :)

As I have resumed latin class not too long ago, I am trying to make more effort now to improve my techniques as I have been absent from classes for too long! Sigh! Now that I am back for classes, I feel soooooo backdated from my lessons :( Used to pick up those steps easily but I realized I am so slow in picking up the routine steps!! I don’t know if this is because of the after effect of pregnancy! Maybe it's a sign that I should start taking Gingko supplements! Yikes!

Anyway, since I have an experience teacher who’s like been there done that type of dancer, I do hope to improve soon. Though I have no intentions to participate in any competitions as of now, but I do hope to have some sort of qualifications and perhaps when the time is right, I might even consider going for exams one day. Truth is, I am only a beginner but I have picked up some basic Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive and Mambo and I hope to be really good one day. hehehe...

Oh well, I do not have pictures to post on myself dancing.. LOL Hmmm…on 2nd thoughts, I might be able to find one or two of my those old dancing days pictures. Anyway, I would like to show you some clips of my 1st instructor and the current instructor. Really cool stuffs! Since I am unable to attend his class anymore, I have to switch to another class, to a different instructor now. I spotted his dancing clips in You Tube as well and eventually found out that he too is a very experience latin dancer. Enjoy the clips! :)

Source from youtube



My baby girl is learning to sit

How time flies :) Little Rosemary is learning how to sit on her own now. We managed to capture it just in nick of time before she loses her balance and fell backward on our bed! Oh yes, she loves that. Ahhh… little Rosemary and her favourite teether of all time, read more on how we discovered her favourite teether in my previous blog.

This morning, I allowed her to drink her milk bottle on her own. Though she lets go of the feeding bottle in between her feeds, she managed to grasp the bottle back with her 2 little hands and continues drinking. I realized this is a good method on improving her coordination skills and to enhance thinking ability, besides being independent. And so I am going to encourage her to hold her feeding bottle on her own from now onwards. In fact, my mother in law is also encouraging her to feed on her own and while I was at work today, she sent me a picture of little Rosemary feeding herself. Have to be honest here, really went emo for a while seeing her growing up so fast. 7 months already! and yet the memory of seeing her for the first time in the delivery room is still so fresh in my mind, as if it was just yesterday.

Nevertheless, I can’t wait for my baby girl to start calling me....Mummy! I am waiting for that day to come.. quite patiently and I pray too that I won’t miss the very day she utters her first word. Geez...I do hope that word is indeed Mummy! LOL

Weekend in Jusco

Weekend was pretty okay for me and my family. On Saturday, we brought baby Rosemary to Jusco for a short jalan-jalan and after just a short jalan-jalan, we decided to rest and have a snack in Vivo Pizza. (Carrying baby Rosemary for more than 15 minutes can be quite challenging, if you know what I mean ;) and if you are thinking of a baby pram, nope that didn’t work. She refused to be placed in the pram. You will get to see her worried expression at the sight of many ppl walking about and I guess she just feels better with mommy/daddy carrying her in our arms.

My hubby decided to carry her about while I enjoyed my garden salad. Oh yes, I am on diet. Not only I am on diet, I am also back to dancing class. How I wish to drop more kgs fast! Oh well, really I am not exaggerating if you think I am. See me now and you’ll cry. What to do, I have gained almost 28 kgs during my pregnancy. If you haven’t seen the me at that time, you can check out the picture I posted. Huge amount huh. I wonder if anyone beat me? Oh well, think I’ll drop the subject on weight issue as speaking of weight management makes me feel so determined.. not to eat anything!! Okay now that’s exaggerating and ya lah, I won’t do that since I have featured the right ways of losing weight in my previous article. :D Must practice what you preach mah!

Anyway, back to our Jusco trip, after our little Vivo outing, baby Rosemary begin to show signs of getting sleepy. As much as we would like to stay longer in Jusco, we had to bring her back to her comfy crib. Oh well, it didn’t take long for baby Rosemary to fall asleep by the time we reached home and boy, how she slept!.. for a good long 2 hours.

Oh well, I do hope the next week, we get to bring her to Jusco again and hopefully this time, she’ll stay awake!

And then we decided to bring her to Jusco again on Sunday. Yep, in Klang, the best shopping mall to go to is Jusco. :D This time we thought of buying her some toys since at her age now, it’s good to start developing her eye and hand coordination. And after surveying here and there, we decided to invest on this. Quite reasonably priced and its written on the packaging, suitable for infants 6 months onwards. But I don’t have the pictures right now. Will post them up as soon as I have downloaded them.

The many faces of lil' Rosemary

Oh well, there were some friends of mine who didn't get a chance to meet little Rosemary yet and have been asking me to post up more pics of her. So, instead of posting just stagnant pictures, I've decided to create just a very short slides instead.. :) Enjoy the many faces of little Rosemary..

Finding the right teether for your baby

Latest news on baby Rosemary!

Last week, I noticed that her 2 front bottom teeth is growing and is probably about at 0.3cm length! Oh, I think babies with only 2 front bottom teeth looks sooo cute, not to mention also when they are learning to walk with their diapers on!

So anyway, way before her 2 front bottom teeth was seen, I was looking for a teether to soothe her when she showed signs of teething. How can you tell if your baby is teething? Well, different babies have different signs or symptoms of teething. As for my daughter, I noticed that her teething gum was swollen and a little reddish. She even attempted to put anything that she grabs including my hair!! into her mouth to chew. So from there I could tell, OKAY! It’s time to get her a teether!

So I bought one. But after a few attempts of chewing the teether, it became quite obvious that she was struggling to chew the teether. Eventually she didn’t like the teether anymore and I thought maybe she just got tired of the shape. And so my husband said to me that he is going to get a new teether for her.

Now, check out this part, interesting. When he got back from the baby store, he was pretty excited with the new teether toy he bought. This baby store is the type of shop by itself (shophouses type) that specializes on baby products and not over Jusco/Giant/Tesco/etc.. counters. My husband and I prefer to purchase baby things from this shop, simply because we always receive better consultations and recommendations.

So anyway, he purchased one and apparently this is a special teether. This teether is made especially for infants who are teething on the front top and bottom teeth. That’s right, it’s like a Stage 1 teether. Which means as time passes by, this 1st Stage teether will not be useful anymore when she starts to have more tooth growing and you will have to go source for the next stage teether be it 2nd or 3rd to suit your baby’s teething at that age. So anyway, this Stage 1 teether is from the famous brand called Avent and it costs RM 35.00. Best part is this teether can be sterilized.

You should have seen her expression the moment she got hold of this new teether. She loves it!! She gets a good grip and it fits perfectly!

Of course now that I am sharing with you this information, you can easily purchase this teether over counters in Jusco/Tesco/Giant.. :)

So dear mothers, I am very happy to discover this and as usual, I would like to share it with you so that you will have a choice to get the right teether for your baby. I know of some mothers who have a whole container of teethers collection! My nephew had 20 teethers! I hope you will find this informative and please feel free to drop a comment if you have something to share. Cheers!

A quote for today, how true this is!

A daughter is a mother's gender partner, her closest ally in the family confederacy, an extension of her self. And mothers are their daughters' role model, their biological and emotional road map, the arbiter of all their relationships - Victoria Secunda

The best conversations with mothers always take place in silence, when only the heart speaks - Carrie Latet

Quotes for today, reflecting my emotions

The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow. - Bob Marley

I guess, I would like to interpret it as; Do not be too happy of what you have today because you will never know if this happiness could last up till tomorrow. But happiness are meant to be treasured and I will treasure all the good things in my life with me till the day I die. A special place in my heart indeed, is where I keep all the sweetest memories throughout the journey of my life. But I hope that time will heal the pain of the sad thoughts so that I may embrace the good times that will come along eventually. And I will wait.. very patiently.

Beautiful song from a mother to her daughter

I love this song, and I am dedicating this song to all the mothers and of course to my dearest daughter. (picture of little Rosemary, minutes after she was born)

Mummy loves you so much! :)

Music clip taken from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2y6S8CwPJA

Jiggy the domestic cat

I am feeling so lousy today. You may be thinking that my weekend must have been bad. Not really actually, I did have a good time, spending lots of time with my baby girl. I guess, maybe yesterday’s dinner with my family didn’t ended up too well and I think, it could be that I am still being affected by it. Oooh, I don’t think I want to talk about that because I really don’t want to end up looking like a miserable little lost puppy at work. Speaking of puppy, I have a sudden thought in my mind. I think it’s about time I’ll introduce our pet cat to you. Introducing…. Jiggy !

You see, I picked him up when he was a kitten, probably when he was about 5 months or so. And ever since then, he’s been living with us in our little apartment and this little kitten never had any contacts with any other cats until we moved in to a landed property recently. So to this cat of ours, humans are his cat-bestfriend and companion while real cats to him is spelled ENEMY!

Since the presence of Jiggy in our neighborhood, believe it or not, all the other street cats seems to have disappeared! We know there were other cats before because we have seen them loafing around before we brought Jiggy over to our new place. I am beginning to believe that Jiggy has been working hard, day and night making the entire street his territory. A big dream for every cat, believe me. Really, if we could, we’ll name the street after him.. because on Saturday, I witnessed something unusual.

There was this cat, let’s call him..Greyer, since he was grey in color. Now, I noticed Greyer was hanging around just 3 houses away from my house on Saturday afternoon. And I became worried, because had Jiggy smelled him, that’s the end of Greyer's miow miow life. It turned out that I wasn’t the only one who was worried. Greyer himself was worried too! Why did I say that ? Because the moment Greyer came closer to our house, he stuck his head up so high that he looked like an alpaca. I am so sure that he was trying to sniff if Jiggy was around. Not a good day for Greyer alpaca, because Jiggy was already at the gate by then and woooosh! how Jiggy ran after him. Poor Greyer didn’t have time to escape and the only place he could find for cover was to hid under a car. Oh yes, Jiggy.. the arrogant cat must have felt so good on that day. And I am sure, Greyer would have vowed in his miow miow life never to appear ever again in Jiggy's street. The best part is, they never fought and yet Greyer was too afraid to come out from under the car. In fact,
both of the enemies were just miowing but I suppose if I were to translate it in human's language, it's probably a verbal warning from Jiggy to Greyer. By the way, I think I didn't mention that Jiggy is actually a neutered cat... So who says neutered cats are little pussies?

Speaking of my cat really makes my day. I am feeling better already!

Twitter!! - click here to go to my twitter page

Yeeepiii!! I have finally opened up a Twitter Account! Though I must say, I am so sesat in there. I don't know how and where to start. Sigh.. so twitter illiterate man. But it's OK! I'll be there. Just a matter of time, I shall be tweeting like a pro, like some of my twitter friends. http://twitter.com/chewak

I asked my friend Lisa, what is twitting all about and I suppose for her to teach me via online will take forever. So she gave me a very useful link which I am going to share it with you (who may have thoughts of creating an account) Interesting stuffs.


Alright peeps, I am going to tweet now. Tweet tweet chirp chirp!

My pregnancy journey..

I remembered, somewhere in the middle of December 2008 after a wonderful trip to Melaka with my hubby, I discovered that I got pregnant! In fact, I was already pregnant during the trip to Melaka. That answered my weird behaviors while in Melaka; such as the sudden crave for honey and my constant tiredness. It didn’t cross my mind at all at that time that I could be pregnant. Thank god I didn’t go for horse riding because at one point, I was tempted to try horse riding!

Anyway, just like any other woman, I was so thrilled when I saw the pregnancy results. I was so excited that I didn’t even know who I should break the news to first. Oh well, eventually I broke the news to everyone that I know and honestly, I can’t even recall today who I broke the news first. I think it was my either my mom or mother in law. They say when you panic, your mind goes blank. I think it works like that too when you are overly excited.

My 1st three months was quite suffering. My morning sickness lasts till mid-day and at times, even till night too. Whatever I ate, eventually comes out. I remembered on Sundays, after church, we will normally go for breakfast together with my in laws. However, during pregnancy, even though the tradition still goes on, there’s an addition routine to that. When I start to feel nausea, it is understood that everyone in the car will make way for me and they will quickly proceed to the restaurant while I stayed back in the car and do my thing. Yep, throwing up. How I hated that throwing part. It was so torturing. But with the thought of my baby, it’s all worth it.

My honeymoon month was when I almost reached the 4th month. I have to say, that was the best time of my pregnancy life. I could eat anything I want, sleep any position I want and I felt great!! I had a special liking for Mc Donald’s strawberry sundae cup ice-cream. I could eat that every day if I was allowed to. No wonder my weight gain was so great. By the time I reached 4th month, I was already wearing pregnancy clothes. I could not fit into my old ones and I attempted once and I felt so uncomfortable. One of my ex-colleague made a comment which I still remember till now. “Ai yoh..ah Rose ah, please la, go and wear your pregnancy baju lah, this one so tight…” and he smirked while walking past me. Oh yes, one of the amusing moments of my pregnancy journey.

Then came the 3rd trimester, it was still OK, except for by the time I reached 8 months plus, I begin to have sleepless nights. I could not find the right position to sleep. I didn’t feel comfortable sleeping on my left side and so I tried sleeping on my right. But when I did that, my baby will do full-swing salsa dance inside, kicking me so much that I have to switch back to the other side and believe it or not, she quiets down after that. There were many false alarms but each time I went to the clinic, thinking this is the day.. but when my gynae checks, he’ll say.. go home, not yet. I was very humongous at 8 months plus of my pregnancy! So big that I felt like a humpty dumpty. Don’t believe? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Finally, in the 1st week of September 09, I went to see my gynae once again, you can imagine how anxious I was when he tells me.. Okay, it’s almost time, a few days more and it’s most likely going to be on the 8th of September 2009. I was overjoyed for 2 reasons. No 1, because yes!! the day is finally approaching and secondly, it is a very blessed day to the Catholics. As some of you may already know, it is our Holy Blessed Mother Mary’s birthday. To me, that was a confirmation that my baby girl is indeed a special gift from the above and I will forever be thankful to St Anne and Mother Mary for this wonderful precious little baby Rosemary Anne.

The day came and I was wheeled to the delivery room. To tell you the entire story after that is just too much to tell. If you have watched “The Women”, starring Meg Ryan, the part where Debra Messing was in labor, then you would have understood the entire scenario except for mine wasn’t so chaotic!! Oh well, it was a wonderful experience and I can never forget the moment I first laid eyes on my newborn, my little baby girl. It was a beautiful, precious moment. And how proud I am to be little Rosemary Anne’s mommy :)

Just a thought on Demanding Love

What exactly is love? Some say, love is beautiful, while others may say love hurts. The late John Lennon once quoted the meaning of love - We've got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can't just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it's going to get on by itself. You've got to keep watering it. You've got to really look after it and nurture it -

The truth is we all have experienced love, be it a beautiful one or a hurtful one. As for me, I am considered one of the lucky ones as I have a wonderful husband who loves me and cares for me very much. I thank God for this wonderful man in my life. As I am saying this, some of you may react, “ lucky you, how I wish I have someone like that too”. I would like to also believe that many of you now are thanking God silently in your heart, for the wonderful and caring boyfriend/husband you have. My wish for you is to keep up with this lovely relationship and may you find everlasting love in your relationship.

My topic today is about demanding love. What is your idea of a demanding love? My idea of a demanding love is people who are persistent in getting things their way and normally, these people are intelligent enough to manipulate your mind to get what they want. They do not take NO for an answer because of their demanding behavior, in short they must get what they want. Perhaps, they believe that this is their rights. Sometimes, it is even to the extent of blaming you as the cause of the entire situation, for not giving in to what they want.

A friend of mine once confided in me about her relationship. I am beginning to believe that her boyfriend falls under this category - a person who demands love unreasonably. Notice that I add on a word – unreasonably? You see, to me, I think it’s okay to be demanding in love as long as it is not overly demanded & does not cause hurt and a sense of unworthiness to the other party. For instance, I think it is your right to demand from your partner to be faithful to you. Surely, that's a reasonable demand, right? But in her case, it seems like her partner demands everything and anything of her to be perfect. Like a checklist, he expects her to be: -

No 1) Intelligent
No 2) To have a great body
No 3) To have a great personality
No 4) Smart in managing finances
No 5) Speak softly and gently like a siu-jie (in Cantonese, it means lady-like) - What happens to the phrase of "accepting the person for who they are"
No 6) Have good looking toes and many more…

There is an old saying, “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.” Don’t get me wrong. I am not advising my friend to break off and to set him free. My point is; if her boyfriend feels that she’s not good enough for him, then why not set her free. Go and find someone else that you think fits into your criteria check list. If you found one, good for you. But the truth is, most of us can never get enough. One thing leads to another, one demand leads to another demand and the demand list goes on. So, why not stop and think for a minute. Instead of pressuring that person to change to suit your demands, how about you making the first change first? How about stop demanding so much? People say when you don’t impose expectations, you won’t get disappointment. To me, love is about giving people freedom to be themselves, without any restrictions imposed upon them to meet our demands in our way.

So in this scenario, if you feel that she does not match your criteria list but you love her enough to demand these things from her, why not work with her then to accomplish your criteria? If you think she’s not intelligent enough to suit your highly intelligence qualities, why don’t you start encouraging her to read the intelligent stuffs that you read so that you can start conversing with her on topics like that. Hopefully in the future, she will stop conversing her intelligence stuffs with you. Will that make you happy? If you feel that she does not have a great body.. how about looking at yourself in the mirror first? So you think you have a good body, good for you. Why not then encourage her to work out with you or….are you to contented with yourself that you expect her to find her own ways to improve her body line ? Now…if I were to go on giving you suggestions, my oh my, it will take too much of my time!

The bottom line is, being demanding unreasonably like that, which I would like to emphasize on this: it brings out nothing but sorrow and a sense of unworthiness to your partner. If you love her truly, then please try to look at yourself first. Would you like her to do the same to you? To demand unreasonable things from you and make you feel like you are in a “walking on eggshells” relationship? Think about it and ask yourself. And to my friend, you know who you are. Remember this, you are beautiful and worth it. Stay true to yourself because you must be loved for who you are and do not change to unreasonable demands. Cheers.

An IT illiterate's journey on blogging..

Before I started blogging about one and a half years ago, I never know we can start a blog for free. I always thought that to blog, we need to pay for a domain and hosting. You see, back then none of my friends are bloggers, or so I thought!

I stumbled upon blogger.com by chance. I tried signing up for an account and was surprised to see how easy it was to start a blog! I then started blogging and I focused on my toddler who was about 14 months old back then. It was not so smooth sailing initially as I was a total IT idiot. I was not familiar with the HTML codes so I had difficulty in loading pictures and personalizing them into my post. I spent endless hours googling for info.

Then there was the money making side; I wanted to have ads placed in my blog but was not intelligent enough to understand the simple instructions on how to insert the codes! Again, I spent endless hours googling for help.

Looking back, there were many stumbling blocks that might have just stopped me from blogging but I persevered and was determined to learn my way out of it.

Today, my blog is running actively and I am now a full time blogger. I get invites to product launches parties, being featured on tv as well as in prints and many more. The perks that I am enjoying as a blogger now definitely makes all the hardship I went through in the beginning, worth it.

The only thing I regretted is not having my own domain earlier. I have just recently migrated my personal blog to its own domain and by doing that, I've lost the PR4 that I have just begun to enjoy! Bummer... But THAT will be told in another post, another day..

Merryn is a stay at home mother who blogs to share. Check out her blogs:

A 2 Headed-Snake Person

Have you ever dealt with someone whom you suspect is a 2-headed-snake? Yes? .. No?.. I am pretty sure most of you already know the meaning of this term, but just in case lah, if anyone have doubts.. I'll try to explain in the simplest way.

A 2-headed-snake person basically means a person whom, in the eyes of the public, appears to be friendly and nice but behind any individuals, she/he back stabs you like nobody's business and event attempt to provide wrong information about you with an intention to jeopardize your reputation or to put you in a "hot soup". So in short, one head appears to be a nice head while the other head.. the bad & evil one. Comprehend?

I am pretty sure by now you'll be nodding your head in agreement that you too have dealt with a monstrous person like that. So, my point of writing this article is to give you one very classic example of a 2-headed-snake person's (let's call them the 2HS) behavior and hopefully we all get to learn from this very valuable lesson in life!

You see, at the time when I was still pregnant, I have attempted to tender (due to some reasons) but my ex-boss did not accept the resignation and told me to re-consider, to which I decided to retract my resignation. And so when I went up to this 2HS to inform her of my decision, (I had to in case if you are wondering why because she comes from a relevant dept), that was when she gave me this so-called valuable tip. This 2HS person told me that should I have intention to resign, I should tender just right before I deliver so that I get to enjoy my 2 months paid maternity leave + the company will still have to pay up my tabulated Annual Leave balance (because obviously by then, I won't be able to clear up my ALs) But since I have decided to stay on, I brushed off this so called golden tip and never thought of it after that.

Until..one fine day, my ex-boss started questioning me if I had the intention to resign after my delivery to which I immediately exclaimed No! I was good at my job and I got along fine with my ex colleagues and the reason that prompt me to resign earlier had already been resolved. So yeah, no reason to resign ! But he kept pressuring me to answer him truthfully. Had I been a nasty person, I would have asked him; "WTF is your problem man? How many times do you want me say No?" But you know me la and plus, for the sake of my baby in my womb, I decided to stay cool and remained patient.

Finally, he revealed that this 2HS is still keeping my resignation letter and apparently had he known that I gave her the letter in the first place, he would have accepted my resignation letter. Bull Shit!! That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life. How can you, being the MD of the company and knowing how kan-chiung this 2HS is in reporting everything and anything under the sky to you, can claim that you are not aware that I had submitted my letter? So full of bull shit! Anyway, the reason of this article is not to bombard him because that would have lead to a different story. This is about 2HS so I shall continue this story about 2HS.

After he revealed this information to me about 2HS was still keeping my resignation letter, I went straight to her and demanded back for my letter. She was not surprised at all with my request and in fact, she took the letter out from her drawer. Let me ask you this, had you have no intention to frame me, would you not have filed this letter in my personal file? Why left it in your drawer after so long?

I thought and analyzed hard why would she want to do this to me? If it's not her, then who would have spoken to my ex-boss about the letter? Why did he kept pressuring me day after day for the same old question with my same old answer. Detective Rose finally solved the mystery..

2HS was worried that should I tender right before my delivery, I might expose to my boss that she was the one who gave me this tip. (2HS had really underestimated my loyalty & my morality) So to cover her ass, she approached my ex-boss and pre-informed him that if I tender my resignation right before I deliver, the company will then use my resignation letter and calculate it as backdated (at the time that I tendered) and hence, I will have lesser ALs and who knows, I may not even be entitled to my 2 months paid maternity leave should my last day falls before my delivery! And I bet you 2HS feels great, probably pre-imagining that my ex-boss will give her a pat on her shoulders.. for a Good Job Done!

Oh well, enough is enough. This is really absurd. The entire situation has caused me so much of stress and pain. It was close to delivery and I have to admit, I had pretty low tolerance of stress at that point and was very vulnerable. And so, I tendered and the timing was such, it was just a week before I delivered. Do I have a choice? No. Because 2HS had poisoned my ex-boss mind too much that situation became unpleasant. But hey, it's all good. I've got a great boss now and I thank God for my present job. All's well that ends well.

Know your liver

I received an email about getting to know about your liver and felt it was pretty informative. So here I am sharing it out with you guys and here it is drawn out to you (including me) in the simplest way!

To be continued....

So, when someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others. True ? I so strongly believe in that.

Meaning of your name..

I was browsing on the net when I came across a cute advertisement. It says, find out the meaning of your name. As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat but of course in this situation, this curiosity did not kill anybody lah!

So anyway, back to this cute advert, let's just say I was very interested to find out the meaning of my name and so I clicked on it. To my amusement, I found out that it actually analyzes your name! It's like a philosophy analysis! Cool stuffs!

Just to share with you a bit of what it says of my name.. here is the snapshot results of Roselind. lol

Click on image to enlarge

I have to say, I am really impressed with the results! I would like to believe that what it says of me is quite true, especially on point no 2 and no 3. LOL. But then kan, in case if you missed out their terms, the website allows you to search up to 20 times only. So search the names that are important to you only. :D

Try it ya just for the fun of it.

I have no idea why I cannot upload the link here, so you will have to copy and paste this link to your browser instead. http://www.kabalarians.com/index.cfm