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My baby girl is learning to sit

How time flies :) Little Rosemary is learning how to sit on her own now. We managed to capture it just in nick of time before she loses her balance and fell backward on our bed! Oh yes, she loves that. Ahhh… little Rosemary and her favourite teether of all time, read more on how we discovered her favourite teether in my previous blog.

This morning, I allowed her to drink her milk bottle on her own. Though she lets go of the feeding bottle in between her feeds, she managed to grasp the bottle back with her 2 little hands and continues drinking. I realized this is a good method on improving her coordination skills and to enhance thinking ability, besides being independent. And so I am going to encourage her to hold her feeding bottle on her own from now onwards. In fact, my mother in law is also encouraging her to feed on her own and while I was at work today, she sent me a picture of little Rosemary feeding herself. Have to be honest here, really went emo for a while seeing her growing up so fast. 7 months already! and yet the memory of seeing her for the first time in the delivery room is still so fresh in my mind, as if it was just yesterday.

Nevertheless, I can’t wait for my baby girl to start calling me....Mummy! I am waiting for that day to come.. quite patiently and I pray too that I won’t miss the very day she utters her first word. Geez...I do hope that word is indeed Mummy! LOL


  1. DREAM on lah Rose! The first word she'll utter is "Mamam" where got Mummy? lol... Ethan's first word is seriously "Mamam" at 7 months old. Then UP then Ball.. after a long list.. then comes Mummy and Daddy! :P

  2. lol really ??? alamak!! okay, u juz gave me an idea. i shall start to train her now to utter the word Mi.. since mamam may means food and not mom. hahahaha... smart or not :D

  3. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't! Always teach her the complete words.. not half half.. COMPLETE word.. she'll take sometime but at least she'll master it perfectly.. no half half kay? no baby talk too..

  4. Luckily dean and i dun baby talk with her, we prefer to talk normal. lol but hmm.. but letting her call me Mi..okay whattttt! give chance larrr...hehehehehe...