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Memories of my college days

My boss, my colleague and myself made a trip to Stamford College PJ yesterday to interview some secretarial students, hoping to find one potential to be recruited in our company. Why Stamford College? Well, firstly because I graduated from there in 1997 and by far, even after so many years, I still think that Stamford Secretarial School is the top ranking in producing quality secretarial students.

So as we walked in to the premise, I was impressed with the interior design. I expected to walk in to see the familiar office that I used to walk in and out every day for almost 3 years. But it turned out, they've changed the layout completely......impressive, I would like to add on.  Well, compared to back then, really... trust me!

Reception area.. too bad couldn't snap pictures of other areas!

Memories started flooding in. I remembered clearly how easy it was for me to sneak out to the canteen, as the office I was assigned to was just right next to the canteen. I was never hungry! Those were the good ol' days. As I stood looking at the canteen, I saw the young and vibrant Rose hanging out with a few good friends, over a cup of coffee.

Saturdays was always the best day of the week, because I'll never miss breakfast. Aunty's nasi lemak was awesome. I remembered even going back there with my best friend on Saturday mornings for breakfast, even after we no longer work at Stamford. That power, aunty's nasi lemak was !

As I was having a good time, recalling all these sweet memories, I was "awaken" by the arrival of the Head of Secretarial School and she greeted us warmly. We were escorted to 1st floor and of course I knew the place very well. She brought us and introduced us to the Model Office. Wow... oh wow! This was the 1st office I worked when I was hired, before moving down to the Ground Floor next to the canteen, months later.

Model office, I never thought I would hear this term again. You see, when any secretarial students were to graduate, they'll have to go through what some may call it internship training. But here, secretarial students will have to "imagine" that they are working in a real life office, headed by the Head of School of course, playing the role as the "boss". From time to time, boss will dictate the assignments and then nervous students will try their best to absorb all information which have to be carried out later and must be accomplished!  Imagine the stress.  I remembered, back then, I played the role of a "big sister" to sort of like supervising these students and delegating work assignments to them. Believe me when I said I had fun!

I do miss my ex- 1st boss, and my lecturers. My mentor back then was non other than the pioneer lady boss of School of Secretarial Studies; Mrs Vivianne See. She is elegant, intelligent and really one of a kind! She taught me from grooming, to ethics, etiquette and though I've disappointed her many, many times, she never gave up on me. I found friendship, discipline and love through her guidance and I owe her a big thank you today. Of course I also remembered my other dear lecturers, Puan Lubna, Mrs James, Mrs Jacob, Mr Julian ahem ahem... a thorn among the roses, and well oh well, Ms Thilagavathy. How could I ever forget her! She was my good friend, who's always advising and supporting me. I've not forgotten Puan Nora too. She's one iron lady I tell you but truthfully, with a soft heart and a funny person.  Efficient is her middle name, by the way.

So my dear lecturers, if you ever came across this page, I just want to say thank you for being wonderful and patient with me when I was young and mischievous. The best of me today for being a secretary, reminds me every time of you all.


  1. Don't you miss ME? Muahahaha... college days are crazy days lah! >_<

  2. hey of course miss big time lah! our every morning breakfast at nasi lemak chinese shop, before pergi kerja, how to ever forget that wei ! lol it was really fun. sigh, d good ol' days.