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Baby Rosemary talking... ?

As a working mom, I hardly get to spend much time with my baby girl. Normally when I pick her after work, she’ll be sleeping by the time we reached home. So it’s only the weekends that I get to spend time with her and how I treasure these weekends. :)

And so we have been trying to capture as much pictures and clips whenever possible on her development during the weekends, you know things like when she starts to sit, crawl, talk.. etc…etc.. To do that, sometimes my husband and I will have to capture these moments in a “hush hush” way. Because the moment little Rosemary sees us with a camera, it is as if she knows what’s a camera for. And so, she’ll stop whatever she was doing and looks straight at the camera. If she smiles then we are lucky. And guess what...oh yes, we were lucky last weekend! We managed to capture a mother and daughter conversation. Check it out..


  1. OMG Rose,she is so cute!!!!!And she looks like you!!!

  2. hehehe... thanks mindy. Hope that she gets to meet you soon. :)