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My pregnancy journey..

I remembered, somewhere in the middle of December 2008 after a wonderful trip to Melaka with my hubby, I discovered that I got pregnant! In fact, I was already pregnant during the trip to Melaka. That answered my weird behaviors while in Melaka; such as the sudden crave for honey and my constant tiredness. It didn’t cross my mind at all at that time that I could be pregnant. Thank god I didn’t go for horse riding because at one point, I was tempted to try horse riding!

Anyway, just like any other woman, I was so thrilled when I saw the pregnancy results. I was so excited that I didn’t even know who I should break the news to first. Oh well, eventually I broke the news to everyone that I know and honestly, I can’t even recall today who I broke the news first. I think it was my either my mom or mother in law. They say when you panic, your mind goes blank. I think it works like that too when you are overly excited.

My 1st three months was quite suffering. My morning sickness lasts till mid-day and at times, even till night too. Whatever I ate, eventually comes out. I remembered on Sundays, after church, we will normally go for breakfast together with my in laws. However, during pregnancy, even though the tradition still goes on, there’s an addition routine to that. When I start to feel nausea, it is understood that everyone in the car will make way for me and they will quickly proceed to the restaurant while I stayed back in the car and do my thing. Yep, throwing up. How I hated that throwing part. It was so torturing. But with the thought of my baby, it’s all worth it.

My honeymoon month was when I almost reached the 4th month. I have to say, that was the best time of my pregnancy life. I could eat anything I want, sleep any position I want and I felt great!! I had a special liking for Mc Donald’s strawberry sundae cup ice-cream. I could eat that every day if I was allowed to. No wonder my weight gain was so great. By the time I reached 4th month, I was already wearing pregnancy clothes. I could not fit into my old ones and I attempted once and I felt so uncomfortable. One of my ex-colleague made a comment which I still remember till now. “Ai yoh..ah Rose ah, please la, go and wear your pregnancy baju lah, this one so tight…” and he smirked while walking past me. Oh yes, one of the amusing moments of my pregnancy journey.

Then came the 3rd trimester, it was still OK, except for by the time I reached 8 months plus, I begin to have sleepless nights. I could not find the right position to sleep. I didn’t feel comfortable sleeping on my left side and so I tried sleeping on my right. But when I did that, my baby will do full-swing salsa dance inside, kicking me so much that I have to switch back to the other side and believe it or not, she quiets down after that. There were many false alarms but each time I went to the clinic, thinking this is the day.. but when my gynae checks, he’ll say.. go home, not yet. I was very humongous at 8 months plus of my pregnancy! So big that I felt like a humpty dumpty. Don’t believe? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Finally, in the 1st week of September 09, I went to see my gynae once again, you can imagine how anxious I was when he tells me.. Okay, it’s almost time, a few days more and it’s most likely going to be on the 8th of September 2009. I was overjoyed for 2 reasons. No 1, because yes!! the day is finally approaching and secondly, it is a very blessed day to the Catholics. As some of you may already know, it is our Holy Blessed Mother Mary’s birthday. To me, that was a confirmation that my baby girl is indeed a special gift from the above and I will forever be thankful to St Anne and Mother Mary for this wonderful precious little baby Rosemary Anne.

The day came and I was wheeled to the delivery room. To tell you the entire story after that is just too much to tell. If you have watched “The Women”, starring Meg Ryan, the part where Debra Messing was in labor, then you would have understood the entire scenario except for mine wasn’t so chaotic!! Oh well, it was a wonderful experience and I can never forget the moment I first laid eyes on my newborn, my little baby girl. It was a beautiful, precious moment. And how proud I am to be little Rosemary Anne’s mommy :)

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