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An IT illiterate's journey on blogging..

Before I started blogging about one and a half years ago, I never know we can start a blog for free. I always thought that to blog, we need to pay for a domain and hosting. You see, back then none of my friends are bloggers, or so I thought!

I stumbled upon blogger.com by chance. I tried signing up for an account and was surprised to see how easy it was to start a blog! I then started blogging and I focused on my toddler who was about 14 months old back then. It was not so smooth sailing initially as I was a total IT idiot. I was not familiar with the HTML codes so I had difficulty in loading pictures and personalizing them into my post. I spent endless hours googling for info.

Then there was the money making side; I wanted to have ads placed in my blog but was not intelligent enough to understand the simple instructions on how to insert the codes! Again, I spent endless hours googling for help.

Looking back, there were many stumbling blocks that might have just stopped me from blogging but I persevered and was determined to learn my way out of it.

Today, my blog is running actively and I am now a full time blogger. I get invites to product launches parties, being featured on tv as well as in prints and many more. The perks that I am enjoying as a blogger now definitely makes all the hardship I went through in the beginning, worth it.

The only thing I regretted is not having my own domain earlier. I have just recently migrated my personal blog to its own domain and by doing that, I've lost the PR4 that I have just begun to enjoy! Bummer... But THAT will be told in another post, another day..

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  1. u know, as a matter of fact, i do remember now how you first started blogging. your page was so new, everything was quite empty. u even blogged about our conversation! hahahha.. but look at u now. full time blogger. so well-versed with all the HTML stuffs. Good for you!