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Jiggy the domestic cat

I am feeling so lousy today. You may be thinking that my weekend must have been bad. Not really actually, I did have a good time, spending lots of time with my baby girl. I guess, maybe yesterday’s dinner with my family didn’t ended up too well and I think, it could be that I am still being affected by it. Oooh, I don’t think I want to talk about that because I really don’t want to end up looking like a miserable little lost puppy at work. Speaking of puppy, I have a sudden thought in my mind. I think it’s about time I’ll introduce our pet cat to you. Introducing…. Jiggy !

You see, I picked him up when he was a kitten, probably when he was about 5 months or so. And ever since then, he’s been living with us in our little apartment and this little kitten never had any contacts with any other cats until we moved in to a landed property recently. So to this cat of ours, humans are his cat-bestfriend and companion while real cats to him is spelled ENEMY!

Since the presence of Jiggy in our neighborhood, believe it or not, all the other street cats seems to have disappeared! We know there were other cats before because we have seen them loafing around before we brought Jiggy over to our new place. I am beginning to believe that Jiggy has been working hard, day and night making the entire street his territory. A big dream for every cat, believe me. Really, if we could, we’ll name the street after him.. because on Saturday, I witnessed something unusual.

There was this cat, let’s call him..Greyer, since he was grey in color. Now, I noticed Greyer was hanging around just 3 houses away from my house on Saturday afternoon. And I became worried, because had Jiggy smelled him, that’s the end of Greyer's miow miow life. It turned out that I wasn’t the only one who was worried. Greyer himself was worried too! Why did I say that ? Because the moment Greyer came closer to our house, he stuck his head up so high that he looked like an alpaca. I am so sure that he was trying to sniff if Jiggy was around. Not a good day for Greyer alpaca, because Jiggy was already at the gate by then and woooosh! how Jiggy ran after him. Poor Greyer didn’t have time to escape and the only place he could find for cover was to hid under a car. Oh yes, Jiggy.. the arrogant cat must have felt so good on that day. And I am sure, Greyer would have vowed in his miow miow life never to appear ever again in Jiggy's street. The best part is, they never fought and yet Greyer was too afraid to come out from under the car. In fact,
both of the enemies were just miowing but I suppose if I were to translate it in human's language, it's probably a verbal warning from Jiggy to Greyer. By the way, I think I didn't mention that Jiggy is actually a neutered cat... So who says neutered cats are little pussies?

Speaking of my cat really makes my day. I am feeling better already!

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