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(Dr Seuss quotes -American Writer & Cartoonist, 1904 - 1991)

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Little Rosemary got distracted...!

If you have read my recent article on buying some development toys for little Rosemary, ever since then, my husband and I have been "training" her with these toys. Last weekend, we tried to capture little Rosemary solving a game puzzle. Just to briefly explain about this "toy puzzle", I hid a little ball beneath 3 bowl covers and usually little Rosemary is able to reveal the ball by opening up the bowl one by one.

In my previous article on little Rosemary talking, I mentioned that if little Rosemary sees us with a camera, she'll stop whatever that she was doing and would just stare back at the camera. And so we'll have to wait for another golden opportunity. This time, my husband tried to capture again in a "hush hush" way but guess what.... a failed attempt. Watch and you'll know what I mean! :)

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