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Labor pain experience - Part 3 - Phase 2

About 8.30am, my hubby arrived and while he was sitting next to me, the morning duty nurse dropped by and gently told me to take a bath after my breakfast as I will be sent off to the delivery room in less than half an hour’s time. As difficult as it
was, I made my way to the bathroom and when I came out, the same nurse was already waiting for me. As I got onto my bed, she told me to lie down and obediently I did as she told me to pull up my garment and lie sideways. I thought to myself, oh gosh.. not again! This time though, she pushed something into my the other opening!! Seriously, I didnt know that I have to be “molested” so many times!! This is crazy! Eventually I found out that they inserted enema, which is necessary so that you will poo out all the stuffs in your intestines because really, you don’t want to be pooing all those stuffs out while pushing your baby.

Finally, at about almost 9 plus in the morning, I was wheeled to the delivery room. While the contractions has somehow subsided a bit, it was still a very uncomfortable feeling as I didn’t have any sleep the night before and I guess I was just pretty overwhelmed by the contractions. While I was lying down patiently on the delivery room bed, one of the midwives came and put me on drips. Drips to induce. Let me tell you this. This is seriously one hell of an effective induction method. In less than 30 minutes, I was already crying out in pain. And yet, the midwife told me… relax.. relax.. this is only the beginning. I mean.. how can this be only the beginning when the pain is so unbearable!! My whole tummy was so aching, you name them... cramps, stabbing, twisting, pulling, it really felt like my whole tummy was rotating clock & anti clock wise. I am not trying to frighten you but really, the pain is toe-curling. I would be lying if I told you child birth is as easy as pooping.

But here's the thing I wish to highlight. Today, looking back, I can tell you that I did a pretty good job and yes, I would want to have a 2nd child. The truth is women are born to be able to take this pain. You are actually stronger than you think. So the next time a guy comes up and tell you that women are weak, go right up and punch his face!

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