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Children's health. Is it our responsibilities?

It surprises me at times when I see things that shouldn’t be happening…happens. For instance, I walk pass a restaurant and upon seeing a mother carrying her child, I can’t help but to smile. Then as I take a quick glimpse at the child’s father, my blood began to boil. What the heck… the child’s father is having a good time puffing away. This is a typical inconsiderate scenario that happens every time and anywhere. It doesn’t take a genius to know that it is extremely unhealthy for a person to inhale 2nd hand smoke, what more a child !!

I may not know exactly what are the many other sicknesses that are caused by 2nd hand smokers but I do know one thing for sure… children who are exposed to environment like that are definitely not in a healthy environment and I know also that these children are more likely to suffer from pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma and not to mention, cancer!! We all know that cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals, so why can’t this father just don’t smoke. Sacrifice a bit for his child should be the right thing to do! If he’s desperate to have one, go walk far, far away and smoke for all we care!

2nd typical scenario, have you come across some kids, wondering about barefooted in shopping mall/streets, even with their parents around? Don’t get me wrong. I do know that bare foot walking is good for your feet. I know that it gives relaxation to the tired feet and it also helps to allow your toes to get straightened. But in this case, it's different. It is so unhygienic to allow a child to walk about barefooted on dirty floors and then only God knows if these kids wash their feet after that! Children can get tape worms if these parasites are present and by penetrating the soles of a child's bare foot.

A close friend of mine just shared with me a horrifying email. This email is about a child who had to go through a surgery to remove 3 kgs of tape worm from his intestines!! Okay, maybe this child didn’t get these worms by walking barefooted on streets, but we all know for the fact that it is all due to poor hygiene. And who is to be blamed? A child would not know how to practice proper hygiene and therefore, it is our responsibilities as parents to teach them!

In an interview between the doctor and the father as written in the email, apparently the father replied that this is a very common thing for his child to have worms as each time after he's being fed with medication, it is expected that he will pass out motion with worms! That is so terrible! Precautionary steps should have been taken after the 1st incident! It breaks my heart to see this poor child had to go through such a trauma. What makes it even more depressing is, this is supposedly an avoidable situation. As the email came with real life pictures, it's even more heart wrenching. I don't think I want to put the pictures here as it maybe disturbing to some readers. The bottom line is we really need to take concern of our children health and hygiene.

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