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Labor pain experience - Part 1

As I am writing about my delivery experience here, I am seriously thinking about it again.. should I really share on something that is pretty personal? But then I thought, some of my friends are about to experience this and so I totally understand your excitements and the tons of questions you have on mind. For me, I remembered clearly that I had a lot of question marks on my mind too, especially with “The Day” drawing closer. And at every opportunity striked, I asked a good friend of mine, Aliza with many “technical” questions (if you know what I mean, the crucial in-depth information about the delivery process ) Hmm…actually, to be honest, I was more interested to know about the pain. “How’s it going to be like? Was it painful? Ok, re-phrase - was it very, very painful? Will I be able to bear the pain? How does a contraction feels like?” And so much more, too many to list down here! And since she has 2 kids already, I completely depended on her stories and got myself mentally and fearfully prepared. Sigh, looking back now, thank you so much Aliza for sharing your stories, and thanks also to Ann Nye…

So back to my sharing now, to make it easier for my dear readers, I shall divide this story into 3 parts. The 1st part shall consists of my brief preparation close to the delivery date, where else the 2nd part shall be about the day I got myself admitted and last but not least, “the Day” on part 3.

Part 1

Flash back… It was probably 3 weeks to my due date, 31st August 2009. As you can see in the picture that I posted from my previous article, I was huge… And because I was so worried that I may have a hard time pushing my little baby out when the time comes, I decided to walk a lot. Mind you, with my elephant weight + exercising + on a hot weather = it’s a really a very tough job. But I had to. And so, to solve the hot weather issue, I decided to walk from one end to the other end in my favourite Jusco shopping mall. It’s still an exercise anyway.. except for it’s in an air-conditioned place. Hehe..

Anyway, I walked like twice or thrice a week in Jusco. I think I was there so frequently that perhaps some Jusco staff who’ve seen me many times probably thought that I’m working with the management, secretly inspecting on their work performance! Even the achi aunty cleaner asked me why am I still walking about so actively when I look like I’m going to pop any minute. But I walked anyway. I think, if I can recall correctly, I quit walking only on the week of my due date.

To be continued in Part 2..

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