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Labor pain experience - Part 3 - Phase 3

After going through this agony for quite some time, Dr Damo dropped by to see how I was doing. All I could do was to cry and cry and cry. He smiled with a pitiful expression, to me it was as if he knew the pain. While he was standing at the edge of my bed, he gently lifted up my legs with the assistance from the midwife and next thing I know.. I was peeing a pail of water uncontrollably! That’s right. Dr Damo had officially broke my water bag. Plus point though, no pain on that. Maybe because the contractions has overcome this. The contractions has now reached to what I believe is at it’s peak. I didn’t know when to push but the pain was so great that my instinct tells me to push. But the nurses kept saying.. hold on.. don’t waste your energy, it’s not the right time yet. Instead, breathe.. follow the breathing method and it might help. As much as I wanted to listen to her advise, because anything I could do to reduce the pain, I would want to do it. But the truth is, it wasn’t easy. At that state, it seems like you are trapped in a world of your own. A world filled with nothing but intense pain. I clinched on my hands around my hubby’s fingers so tightly that he too felt the pain. The pain of his fingers being clinched too hard in between the wedding band. After some time, I think he too couldn’t take the pain and he excused himself reassuring me he’ll be back very soon.

Eventually, the need to push took place. It is as if, your body commands you to push and with all the strength I had, I begin to push. Even the midwife wasn’t prepared for that because although she did tell me to notify her the moment I felt like pushing, I didn’t have the time and energy to do so. I guess the saying is true; action speaks louder than words. She had to hurriedly call for Dr Damo. In the meantime, I pushed at every time the urge appears. So here’s the thing that you have to remember, push only when you have the urge to do so, otherwise you will be really wasting your energy if you try to push too soon. And try to breathe the breathing technique that you have been taught because, to me.. it did helped a bit. Believe me, at that time, anything that is a bit means a lot.

Finally, at about almost 3pm, Dr Damo came in again and this time he was dressed prepared for the delivery. As I was pushing with all my heart, he instructed me when to stop. But by then, the urge to push has become so overwhelming that you'll be blowing and panting and all you want to do is just push and push and push! But I was a good girl. I managed to follow Dr Damo’s instruction and after awhile he cut my opening slightly more. Yes yes I know it sounds scary but the truth again, it is not painful. Seriously, you won't feel the cut at all. Anyway, that was when my husband came rushing in to the room for no one had time to inform him earlier until Dr Damo noticed him not being around. I have to give my hubby credit for not fainting on the spot as that was the time my baby's head has reached the opening. And after 2 more forceful pushes following Dr Damo’s instructions, out came little Rosemary baby.

Very quickly, Dr Damo placed little Rosemary baby on my chest. Weakly, I looked up to see my husband and there he stood, stunned and with tears streaming down his cheeks. I turned to look down at my little angel again and there, right before my eyes, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and the most beautiful cry I have ever heard was just there, right on my chest. I was in awe and it took me a few seconds to realize that I was crying too. This time though I was crying with joy. I did it. An intense relief slowly emerged and I was thanking god for the safe delivery and I was happy that it was all over. Exhausted as I may be, I was thrilled and I couldn’t wait to see my baby again knowing that she’s safe in good hands and of course, you can imagine my hubby happily trotting to the nursery room.....

Of course, the delivery procedure was not over. Dr Damo had to remove the placenta and do some stitching. But at this point, you'll be too tired to feel anymore pain. Best is to just lie down and try to catch some sleep while you still can.


  1. i loved every part of your post mam..i really feel lucky to be born as a girl and i soo feel like expressing my love to my mom for bearing so mch of pain to get me into this world..:))....and again let me specify your kid is very cute..

  2. Hi Kinjal, thank you for your comments. It is true that we should honor our mother, for one important note is;labor pain is unexplainable! :) Good to see you here visiting my blog and thank you for your compliments. I shall be visiting you soon.

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