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Labor pain experience - Part 2

I remembered on one night, I had what I thought was contractions. At that time, I wasn’t sure if it was contractions but it felt like tummy cramps. It wasn’t painful, it was just quite uncomfortable. But since it was bearable, I waited until the following day. The mild cramps was still going on so I decided to see my gynae. Upon arriving, the reception got me on the priority list and within minutes, a doctor attended to me. As he was a new doctor and my gynae was not around on that day, he called my gynae up and after a while he came back and said he was going get me admitted. I was thrilled. Wow, this is finally happening. Joe, my best friend was anxious when I told her I am getting admitted, yes, the Godma to be of my child at that time was so happy that she broke the news to her family too.

The next day, my gynae, Dr Damo dropped by and checked on my dilation. Turned out to be, it was a false alarm! He said it’s nowhere near 1cm! Sigh, and here I am "texting" everyone that I am going to delivery! So shy.. blekkk

In fact, I was confused because it was already end of August 2010 but then, Dr Damo told me things like that happens (due date delays) and that very likely, I will deliver only in the 1st week of September. And so I had to go back and continue walking.

I was in again the hospital a few more days later but again…another false alarm. Everyone commented.. oh little Rosemary is getting very comfortable in her water bed. Not to mention too, she was very active and did a lot of kicking in my tummy. My interpretation of kicking would be dancing moves in my tummy. Even Godma commented that she is probably latin dancing in there, following in mommy’s footsteps. Silently….. I was sooo proud. Hehe..

My next follow up visit was on 4th of September and upon consultation, Dr Damo told me… "looks like we’re going to have her on the 8th September 10"! My heart skipped a beat. That’s such an important date to me. It’s Mother Mary’s birthday! Wow. I went home smiling at every point I thought of that.

Did I mention that I had a hard time getting a comfy sleeping position? Oh yes, towards the 3rd trimester and especially on the 8th month onwards, it was extremely uncomfortable and I had many sleepless nights. They say that this is actually mother’s nature way of “training” a mother to be, to be mentally prepared with the upcoming sleepless nights! I think that is so true.

To be continued in Part 3..

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