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Finding the right feeding bottle for your baby

I would like to share with you on my experience about finding the right feeding bottle for my baby girl. The first thing that came into my mind when the thought of getting a feeding bottle is this brand called Avent. Not only it’s a famous brand but it is very well known for its anti colic effect. Ask any mothers and she’ll tell you the reason she buys Avent drinking bottles. Babies suffering from colic is no joke. The crying itself is enough to make us feel anxious and desperate to find ways to take the pain away. The worst stress of all is if we have tried all methods to soothe her pain and yet it didn’t work. That is why to me and to many mothers out there, choosing the right feeding bottle is indeed, in our top priority list.

And so, I purchased 4 Avent bottles – 2 of size 4 oz and towards her 3rd month, another 2 bottles of size 9 oz, not to mention another set for my mother in law who takes care of little Rosemary during the day. We used to love the 4oz bottles because of its special anti-colic feature and the different stages of nipples according to baby’s age. However, I have stopped loving this product after purchasing the 9 oz bottles. I discovered that the milk leaks! Oh yes, the milk would pour out from under the ring and it is so annoying especially when it happens in the middle of the night!

Imagine this scenario: while feeding your baby, you soon realized that your baby’s shirt is all wet and you have no choice but to pull the bottle away from your baby gently. Baby doesn’t understand why you did that and she probably thought you have stopped feeding her and instantly she cried out loud!! There you are, in a chaotic situation, trying to re-screw the ring again and again and finally just when you think you got it right, you shake the bottle to test and then you discover..milk is splattered everywhere! Frustrating, isn’t it? Honestly, out of 10, 8 times my poor baby ended up all messed up with her shirt extremely wet from the leaking milk. Believe me, I have tried all kind of ways to rectify the problem, by re-screwing the lid over and over again, but it never worked! Even better, when I tried to find a solution through Google, I was surprised to see that there are so many write ups on this leaking issue. Don’t believe me? Just type on Complaints on Avent bottles and you’ll be amazed to see the results displayed.

In the end, we consulted the baby store that we normally go to quite recently. Remember I mentioned about this store when I purchased a teether for little Rosemary ? Well, the seller recommended me another brand called Dr. Browns. As you know by then, I was quite desperate to find a right feeding bottle. At the same time, I was skeptical. Partially because of the cost. If I can recall correctly, Dr Browns feeding bottle is just as costly as Avent bottles. But I had to try. As a result, I purchased 2 bottles.

Today I am telling you, I have no regrets. I will recommend Dr Browns bottle to any mothers. I love it because, very importantly, it DOES NOT LEAK! Also, it comes with a vent system. I was told that the air never mixes with the formula/breastmilk, thus, it minimizes oxidation and apparently helps to maintain important nutrients like Vitamin C, A and E. If you see the picture, you will probably get an idea how it works.

I am very disappointed with Avents feeding bottles but that does not mean I am against with all of their products. In my previous blog, I have found a suitable teether for little Rosemary and it’s from Avent anyway. But I have to say this; I am extremely pleased with Dr Browns feeding bottles and I hope you will too :)

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