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Labor pain experience - Part 3 - Phase 1

I have to apologize now that it took me awhile to post this up. Thanks to the long weekend which means I would have limited internet access… Anyway, here it is and because this part 3 is the most important part of all the parts, I have to break it down to smaller parts i.e. Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 to make this article easier to read…

On the 7th of Sept 2010, it was a hot afternoon and I thought I deserved a nice hefty lunch. And so, I indulged myself to a mouth-watering banana leave rice. Yummy! Finally in the late afternoon, I got myself admitted to the hospital. I am telling you this. I was way too anxious, way too scared and way too impatient. I began to imagine that I had contractions but of course, it was merely imaginations. I got my little cupboard which stood next to my bed, packed up with lots of maternity pads, (very important ya because trust me, after delivery, you will need ample of that), and filled the drawer sections with my toiletries stuffs. I got my hubby to buy a few magazines for me too since I will be spending my time alone in the night. (Yup, the hospital didn’t allow anybody to stay overnight)

At about 9.30pm, after a simple dinner, the nurses came in to check my dilation. Okay, let me tell you this. Checking on the dilation means the nurse would have to shove her fingers into my opening! The more fingers in, means the wider the dilation has become. And believe me, it’s not a pleasant feeling. After murmuring to each other, they left my place. I was beginning to think maybe they will be sending me home again! But less than 30 minutes later, one of the nurses that stood there watching while I was being checked on my dilation came back with a small thing that looks like a little tube. And after instructing me to pull my legs up, she pulled up my hospital garment and warned me that it’s going to feel slightly uncomfortable. And next thing I know, she inserted some tablet into the opening! Mind you, my heart was pounding and I have no idea what was the procedure for until later on, a senior nurse came by to visit me and told me I have just been induced and that contractions should developed in about 30 minutes. As I gasped in fright, she smiled and assured me that the contraction that is about to come is only the beginning and it’s still a long way more to come for the real thing.

In about almost less than an hour, I began to have contractions. And now that I know how contractions felt like, I am never going to complain about period pain ever again! The nurse’s words kept ringing on my mind… this is just the beginning.. this is just the beginning… just the beginning. How can this be just the beginning when I am already in pain. I fear to think more.

What was about to come was beyond anyone’s imagination. Put it this way, it felt like someone really heavy weighted, sits on your stomach, and at the same time pinching your tummy hard and twisting the side of your stomach with no mercy and that kind of pain lasts for about 30 seconds. And then, it stops. Occasionally I can feel my little baby kicking me aggressively. And the pain emerged again after about 10 minutes later. Imagine that! And this went on the whole night. Yup, let me tell you again. From about 10 plus till the next morning. All I could do was to cry alone while sending text messages to Joe and my husband who was pretty helpless as he couldn’t be with me.

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