-Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind-
(Dr Seuss quotes -American Writer & Cartoonist, 1904 - 1991)

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Where is the love-Updated version

On my way to work, I will normally drop by On the Run, Esso Petrol station to grab my favourite cup of Cappuccino. And a few months back, like usual, I dropped by On the Run. A very unusual sighting, I saw a few policemen walking about at the entrance. I thought to myself, oh well.. perhaps a robbery just happened. I walked to the cash counter to the familiar attendant and asked her what happened. To my horror, she replied sadly; somebody dumped a baby. My heart broke into pieces. I walked solemnly back to my car and my whole day was filled with sadness. All I could think is how could a mother dump her own newborn. I cannot imagine how is that even possible. All I could think is for a mother to dump her newborn, she must be in a really out of mind state.

But it got me thinking, perhaps society too should be blamed for such an act? Because we have been so judgmental and we are so good at discriminating each other while condemning these girls who got pregnant out of wedlock, or maybe even worse of the case, have we ever stop to think, perhaps they could be even rape victims? And because out of desperation and fear, thanks to us.. these girls have no choice but to abandon their newborn, leaving these sinless babies to die. We should ask ourselves then, who are we to judge them? Why should there be a punitive approach to these girls who got pregnant out of wedlock? Do you think by punishing these girls, we can actually stop the rest of the youths from having sex?? And why are we always discriminating the girls? What about the biological father? Why not hold him responsible too?

So you see, with all these questions on my mind, I really think that the answer to these questions is it is time for us to change and start educating each other. I personally feel that we should also educate our children on sex education. Yes, I know some of you may disagree but I do hope many of you are with me. Come to think of it, if we educate our children just on one main issue; the risk of having sex , just like we normally tell our kids on the risk of taking drugs, the risk of stealing..and the lists goes on, don’t you think this will actually give them a better understanding about sex and in return, they will become aware of the consequences. In short, they will think twice before getting into it. I strongly believe that most youngsters do not have a clear understanding of what sex is and that is why they eventually fall into temptation to try it, just to experiment it. As the saying goes, curiosity kills the cat.

Prevention is better than cure and educating our children on the risk of having sex, even unprotected sex, is essential. Sadly, I learned that sex education in our schools is still a pretty controversial issue. Why should this be controversial? Some say, by educating them, we are encouraging them. Exploring sex is a part of every youths growing up process. And that is the truth. Nowadays, it is so easy to obtain sexual materials and engaging in sexual activities for instance sex online through the internet. Even if you restrict these websites at your home, you wouldn't know if your child has access to these at her friend's house or even in cyber cafes.

That is why, if you ask me, I feel that it is very important also to educate boys to respect girls and not to take this "activity" for granted. I don’t think that by educating them in subjects like biology is sufficient to highlight the main reasons behind sex education. Our world is changing. Believe it or not, our kids are getting smarter and I believe they are matured enough to capture our intentions if we educate them properly on sex education. We should stop under-estimating our children level of intelligence and the truth is, we too need to grow up.

Just a note, I fully support OrphanCARE’s baby hatch. Read further in the below link.


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