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What am I to do?!

I am so in dilemma right now. Boss just told me that he would like me to join our company’s trip somewhere in September this year to Bali, Indonesia. Very likely a 4 days 3 nites stay. But….. (OK guys, I’ve got a news to break here.. I am actually…. 2 mths pregnant ! )

Of course boss already knows but he said it’s still OK to travel even though by then I would be around 5 months. But, hubby is not keen to let me go for this trip as he feels it’s too risky to go travelling and I kinda agree with my hubby because if to those who’ve not seen my pictures when I was carrying Rosemary, you can check them out here. I was very huge by the 3rd trimester. 2nd trimester was just the same. At my 5th month pregnancy, I was bigger than many other mommies who were about 6 - 7 months pregnant!

Point being, maybe I am not a risk taker or whatsoever, and you know how’s company trip are usually, lots of team building and walkings. I don’t think I am capable of doing that. Bali is beautiful and I do hope to go there too but I guess the timing is just not right. Oh gosh.. please tell me what to do!! I have to tell him my decision today but I am so afraid that he’ll get upset as I could see from his expression yesterday that he’s really hoping that I would go along. My boss is one of the nicest boss I’ve got by far, and though I know that in the end, he’ll accept it if I told him I really couldn’t make it, but at the same time I know he really wants me to be in this trip because he feels that it is important since I am in the HR Department and you know how important it is for the HR department o socialize with other employees. Arrrghh… please give me some ideas!

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