-Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind-
(Dr Seuss quotes -American Writer & Cartoonist, 1904 - 1991)

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If there's one thing that I can't stand in any human characteristics, that would be rudeness or sarcastic remarks that is said on purpose to hurt your feelings. Come to think of it, does it hurt to be nice ah? Does it cost any money ah? I don't understand why some people choose to behave that way? For self satisfaction ? I paling hate those who looks at you and then gives you an answer with those big popped out eyes, as if you've just asked them one hell of a stupid question. If big eyes like this cute baby, at least acceptable jugak, since the expression is adorable.

But if kena pandang with eyes yang langsung tak menyerlahkan (non attractive eyes) and menakutkan (scary looking ones) and then accompanied with sarcastic hurtful remarks, how to tolerate? - OK that was a mean remark, but they definitely deserve it !

Come on la, if it's really a stupid question, not everyone is smart what. So, what's so wrong about answering politely or explaining nicely.
Here's a sample of a frustrating conversation: -

A scenario whereby polite gal, a working colleague of Sarcastic B in a team, helps Sarcastic B to make a phone call since Sarcastic B is appearing to be busy. Busy or LLB* or not... god only knows la.

Polite gal: Eh, I have called Mike for you and he said he'll be able to drop by end of this week only. Is it OK with you?

Sarcastic B*: Hallorr ! If I have to wait for him to come by end of this week, I would have called him myself lah! and make the appointment to see him ??

Polite gal: Err.... I am only helping you to call since you mentioned you are busy today. I can't force him to to come leh since he's tied up these few days.

Sarcastic B* gives that annoying big eyes look and walks away.

What?? No thank you??? No appreciation?? This is just some of the samples. I did a google search on people with this sort of attitude problem. Turns out, there is an explanation for this! Wow !

“Hurtful sarcasm is a way of putting someone or something down without directly insulting them. It usually implies an irritating "I'm 1-up" (superior) attitude and body language. It provides a way for the speaker to deny their criticism and avoid owning their attitude (a double message). Excessive or hurtful sarcasm usually indicates the person is ruled by a false self, and doesn't know how to assert and prob-lem-solve respectfully”

So wanna know how to deal with these kind of people, you can read on in this link I found from the net.

I suspect people who love throwing hurtful sarcastic remarks are people who are insecure but at the same time is totally crazy for power. They just love the sight of you being belittled. It gives them some sense of satisfaction and a feeling of victory. ALSO, knowing that they could get away easily because I am pretty sure they would normally dare to be sarcastic only to people like us, who are nice. So you tell me now, what do you say, maybe nice people should start being nasty to nuisance mosquitoes like them and put them back to their places! Or…..

should nice people just continue being nice, take a big breathe, suck it allll in and walk away, perhaps?

*LLB - Look Like Busy

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