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A Famosa ..Here we come!

Yay!! We'll be heading to A Famosa Resort Melaka during the Christmas holidays. I love it. I especially like the Cowboy town show. Very geng wan the fire eating show. Even the animals are smart. They know how to parade. No kidding. Especially the chickens. Even though they go in groups, busy clucking here, clucking there, but somehow they know to parade back on track wan. I know because I've been there before and have seen it with my own eyes!

A sneak peek of the place taken from the net:

We bought tickets for Cowboy Town and Animal World!

This is the parade I was talking about but you can't see the chickens because if I can recall correctly, this is the finale walk.  The animals must be very tired already by then and probably resting in the barn.

The fire eating show... 

How to get there...

..... mana lah tau, just in case if you've also decided to go there during the holidays.. 

 I'll be snapping the actual pics and will post them up here soon! Yay..  I just love holidays!!


  1. Waiting to see the snaps! Have never seen chicken in parade! Have a fun and blessed Christmas!
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    What does your Christmas Holiday say about you?

  2. Hi Kate, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too! I'm hoping to snap some good pics too. Interesting question u have there. I will check out the site that u gave. :)