-Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind-
(Dr Seuss quotes -American Writer & Cartoonist, 1904 - 1991)

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Stress, stress and stress!!

You know how sometimes when you are so tied up with work and then you realize 8 hours a day is just not enough for you to finish up the backlogged work but at the same time, you know you cannot expect yourself to stay up too late to get the job done. What happens next? You are becoming stressful. And then you start to reflect on your whole days work.. why is it that you can’t get the job done, why this and why that and slowly but gradually you realized it's because there were many interruptions in your work flow. And for that.. got you even more stressful!

Okay, so don’t get me wrong here. I won’t be able to help you out on those work flow issues. I suppose that is all about time management and believe me, even I am still learning on that after being a secretary for more than 10 years now! What I would like to talk about today is on how to cope up with stress, be it the type of unnecessary stress, you asked for it stress, unavoidable stress or give it to me stress. (this is where you are the type of person who do not know how to say No) Yup, I want to talk about it because the truth is, I too have been pretty stress at work lately and so by talking about it, in a way, I am actually de-stressing. Yep, that is right. One of the method of de-stressing is by writing it out. Oh well, at least it works for me!

If writing is not your type, you may want to consider these then. Firstly, if you are very stress and you feel that your head is going to explode but because you are in the office, and there’s nothing much you can do about it except for to keep it within you. (For the sake of being professional) Therefore, one effective way to de-stress is try walking over to the pantry to make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea.  Okay, here's the trick.  You gotta walk slowly because if you walked fast, you are indirectly creating stress to yourself again (remember the unnecessary stress type?). So, walk slowly and go indulge yourself with a nice cup of coffee/tea. When I say indulge, it basically means, you stand there.. take your time to make the coffee/tea, whichever you prefer, and appreciate the aroma while sipping it. Once you are done with that, now take your time to walk back slowly to your work station. Believe me, that 5 minutes break will really help a lot.

In fact, by just watching this lady sipping on to her coffee makes you feel kinda loosen up isn't it. AAaaaaaaahhhh...

Okay, say you are still stress. Now, don’t you go worrying about it because the key is, don’t keep thinking about the stresses!! So back to the you are still in a stressful situation. Trust me it helps on this. Turn on your PC speakers and listen to some songs. This is good because you get to work while listening to your favorite music. Okay fine. You don’t have speakers. Now, that’s too bad. But hey don’t worry! You can always do things that may soothe you after working hours.

Point is, don’t worry too much because if you do, you are basically welcoming stress with wide open arms. Remember give it to me stress? I always find that by keeping some time for myself does make me feel better because I get a chance to do things that I like, for myself. So after work, how about pampering yourself with a long warm bath. Some friends that I do know of, shower for less than 5 minutes! Unless you are in a hurry, why not try to learn to appreciate and enjoy the long warm bath? You owe it that much to your aching tension muscles. Even better if you use those sort of soothing aromatherapy shower gel like Lavender or Rose scented type. Trust me, it really works!

You may want to try exercising too. I actually felt the difference when I don’t exercise. That is why as busy and hectic my schedules are, I keep Thursday nights free and that is for my dance class. I found out that exercise releases endorphins, they call it the “happy hormones,” and that is why you WILL feel the difference after a good workout. Of course to practice this healthy habit, you have to be really, really disciplined to push yourself to kick start it.

Point is, we all have to find things that we love to do to de-stress. If we were to keep thinking about our problems and the stress till late nights and it snowballs till the following day, these problems will not go away.  When you are stress, you can't think of solutions.

We are in control of our lives and I truly believe that life is worth much more if you start to love yourself and appreciate the good things in life. In fact, as I am writing this journal, I am actually beginning to feel better already! La la la la.... See it works! 


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