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Beware of hoax emails

I received an emergency email today from a friend of mine. At first glance, the email sounded pretty urgent and desperate and I have to admit, my heart skipped a beat reading the contents. But as I read on, the back of mind told me to call my friend to verify the contents and true enough, that email turns out to be a hoax.

Luckily I called her but oh well, I wouldn't have transferred any cash to her account just like that anyway. Yup, that email was about asking me to send cash urgently as my "friend" was stranded in Madrid, Spain. Though I NEARLY believed as this friend of mine happens to travel a lot, my common sense said - "check first".

And after talking to my "real friend", she asked me to pretend as if I didn't know it was a hoax and reply to the email requesting for an account number. Can you believe it, that "bogus friend" actually replied and provided her full details.

Click on the snap shots for larger view.

Snap shot on the hoax email received:

and I replied: -

and she replied!! : -

So guys and gals, moral of the story, beware of such emails okay and remember to check with your friends first.

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