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Photo of the Day


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I could be the next cast for twilight movie ..

I came across a blog and found an interesting article the writer wrote about and decided to feature that fun stuffs on my blog too. It's really nice to fool around with.

Now, how does this fun stuffs work? (to those who got no work and absolutely free, you should amuse yourself with this, at least you will be spending the next 30 minutes doing something!)

Well, firstly go to http://www.photofunia.com

You should be seeing lots of templates displayed like this.

Say for instance, I wanna choose twilight template..and be a wannabe Kristen Stewart.

Satisfied with the template? then, click on choose file and upload a picture of yourself. In my case I have decided to choose this picture..

Wanna see the outcome now…..?

Tada.. !!!

(Though I should have gotten a better resolution picture...)

Cooh heh? Now I can go about telling people I have met Robert Pattinson and took a picture with him. Don’t believe me…?? Hey, here’s a picture of us as proof! Kekekekeke…

And you can do so much more anyway..

See? I told you isn't it.. your 30 minutes have past and you did something great finally!!

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