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wow! I was Missing in Action!

Phewwww !! I was missing in action for way too long and I miss blogging so much! Firstly, thank you to my friends who constantly came back to check on my blog only to find nothing's being updated! and so I thank you for your patience. My apologies for the long silence......

I have been busy with work and of course my weekends are spent mostly with little Rosemary, and believe me when I say she's a handful, she is indeed one! I am waiting anxiously for the day to come to hear her calling me; Mummy! Right now, some of her most popular words are Dada whom she refers to her daddy, her grandfather, and occasionally her uncles too. Mama, as you can guess, referring to me, *a big grin here* and her grandmother (hubby's mom) As for my mom, since my mom identified herself as Ah Mah Po Po to little Rosemary since baby, and so quite recently little Rosemary has started calling my mother; Paopao.

You can imagine how I was caught with a pleasant surprise one fine day in the car, when little Rosemary was humming to herself! I have no idea where she got the melody from, but believe me, it sounded really, very nice. She hummed like a pro. We got her some nursery rhyme CDs and you wouldn't want to take them away from her cause, those are her precious possessions! lol She loves to watch the cartoon characters displayed in the nursery rhymes and me, even as an adult enjoyed watching. If you are curious to know, the CDs are entitled Sing Along Karaoke, and there are CD 1 - CD 4, by Innoform Media. I got CD 1, 3 and 4 from Jusco during sale time, so it's quite worth it to buy if there's a discount. Little Rosemary picked up some cute actions from watching these cartoons. I think it's OK to allow our toddler to watch these CDs as these are the educational type. Some may disagree with me, but oh well, it's subject to your own preference of bringing up.

Wanna see her in action? haha.. enjoy this 2 little pictures....

..this is how you do it! 1, 2, 3-4-5, once I caught a fish alive...!

...see mama, my cooking is tasty! yummmmm !

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