-Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind-
(Dr Seuss quotes -American Writer & Cartoonist, 1904 - 1991)

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May the Force be with you on a gloomy day

What a gloomy, rainy Friday morning.  As I was driving to work, a couple of times my mind drifted away, imagining myself cuddling comfortably back in my bed, dozing slowly back to dreamland after reading and flipping through a few pages of my favourite bedtime story books - In grown up language literally means fiction books but not fairytale bedtime books if that's what you had in mind!! :)  Anyway, reality hits in when I was almost reaching office. I was prepared to face the long day ahead of me, or .... was I not? Too early to tell.

As I got into the office, I suspect many of my colleagues would have shared the same imagination as I did while I was driving. You could tell from their expressionless face on a gloomy day.

I was hoping the gloomy mood to improve by lunch.

And guess what? I just came back from lunch and to make you feel better reading my depressing blog today, I had a reasonable nice big bowl of Asam Laksa at Pak Hainan with a cold glass of Teh Si.  It was gooooood, considering also that it was a free lunch. *wink wink* LOL  -never mind to those who didn't understood the winking part-

Okay, I have to be honest. My article is heading nowhere today simply because of these reasons:-

1) It’s a gloomy day
2) I am in the mood to go to sleep
3) I am so in need of a…… HOLIDAY!
4) Fine. If holidaying is impossible for now, then a massage would be good…. it’s nice to be pampered you know.
5) Shhhhh… my boss is not around today……so gotta admit, my level of concentration is very, very low. It’s like.. how I wished I took leave today instead of sitting here whining about how gloomy both the weather and rose’s weather are. Geez… I could be lazing either at home now or having a nice massage somewhere! Ahhh..what a nice 2 minutes of that thought....
6) ...and finally, I’m missing dance classes. Yeah, at the back of my mind, I am constantly thinking about my dancing classes. In case some of you who are not aware, I have to stop my dance classes for awhile now due to my commitments at home after work. Time is so limited.

Arrgggh….with so many things on my mind, now you know why I can’t come up with a proper article today. If some of you are feeling the same way as I am now, then “Welcome to the Club*   Don't feel too bad, you are not alone! Hahaha..

Arite friends, you know what, it’s weekend.  Let's cheer up okay.  Here are my list of wishful wishes for all of us for the weekend; May we all be in a better mood tomorrow, May the day be brighter and livelier tomorrow, May all of us find peace in our weekend routine activities and last but not least, May the force be with you!


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