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Watch Rosemary grow!

My apologies for being away as I have been really busy!

How time flies! Little Rosemary will be celebrating her first birthday next month. As I am planning to celebrate her very first birthday, I decided to take a look back at the pictures of her newborn and and how amazing it is to watch my child grow, though I must admit, it was accompanied with mixed up feelings – worries, anxious, happy… oh well, you know what I mean!

Just to share with my readers, here are some of the pictures from the time she was born and pictures taken up to date. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I did.

so small... so fragile
angry look... must have been irritated for waking her up!
the manja (pampered) look...
sometimes i playfully call her my hamster baby. lol and it all started from this picture.  Obviously she doesn't understands what hamster means becoz she grins whenever i say, "who is mummy's hamster baby"

Finally, she could turn over!

Sitting on her rocking chair
Multi tasking - turning over and finger licking good
Her famous bugs bunny pose. Hmm.. maybe I should trademark this picture. lol
Finally, she gets to sit on baby walker.. though with strict supervision from either me or hubby.
I couldn't believe my eyes, when I caught her sitting by the bed, watching the television!  She was... 10 months old? Don't they grow fast?

Secretary working hard.
She insisted to drink by herself!  Though she still haven't figure it out that she has to tilt the cup to get the water out...
Yummy, mummy!  I would like to believe her expression says that!  Actually she loves this biscuit (Heinz Rusk), it's just that she's learning how to bite, that explains her facial expression!

Alright...that's all for now.. :) Have a great day!


  1. Look at how Rosemary grow. And so much more cuter and prettier each day! =)

    Love this post!

    Sending my regards over~ <3

  2. :( and i've yet to meet her in person... sobs.. :(